Sunday, September 12, 2010

Haute Dish

Haute Dish.  Chef Landon Schoenefeld.  Reinventing classic Midwestern cuisine.  Enough said.  I've been dying to go to Chef Schoenefeld's new place.   He's a well-known Minneapolis chef, who had gotten good press and some not so good press.  I happen to love the guy's food and have followed him since his days at Bulldog NE.  He recently opened up Haute Dish in the old Cafe Havana location on Washington Ave in Minneapolis.  I was thrilled to have an excuse to go to Haute Dish before seeing Wicked.  Our friends, Keith and Trycia, came with us.
We started out with drinks (Old Fashion and Mint Julip for the guys and wine for the ladies).  The server recommended we each get an entree and depending on how hungry we were, ordering a few "firsts" and/or "mediums."  We decided to share the Corn Button  and Stuffed Pepper to start us off, and then each order an entree.

The Corn Button with ricotta, sage, and mushrooms.  Delicious creamy goodness.


Stuffed Pepper with couscous, patty pan squash, and curry. Delicious as well. 

Trycia and I both ordered the Fish Special (Scallops).  Trycia said the scallops were, "the best dish I've had in a long time." Yup.  Me too:)  Incredible.  They were cooked with cashew butter, golden raisins,  and brussel sprouts.  Loved:)

 Courtland ordered the Tator Tot Hotdish, which is the signature dish.  Short ribs, baby green beans, porcini bechamel, and tots.  I had a bite.  Wholesome comfort food goodness.

 Keith played it safe with the burger, which the waiter disclosed took 6 months to perfect. Keith agreed.  Perfection. 

Overall, we loved everything.  Service was attentive and friendly. Atmosphere was hip and had a super club vibe. We didn't have time for dessert. . . next time.