Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chef Shack, Mpls

Oh how I love Chef Shack  Our family has been to this mobile truck at the Mills City Farmer's Market and Kingsfield Farmers Market within the last year.  Every time we've gone, we've devoured an order of mini donuts.  Now I'm not one to waste calories on donuts, but these are incredible. . .spicy, sweet, fresh, yum. 

When Chef Shack got a license for their truck to set up shop downtown on 5th/Hennepin, Jack and I were waiting and ready to meet Courtland for lunch.  Jack decided the city bus was the preferred form of transportation, and off we went.  Of course, no bus ride would be complete witnessing two grown women arguing while on our ride, but I digress. . .back to lunch.

When we arrived, the Chef Shack ladies recognized us as regulars (always an added bonus).  I ordered the sweet potato taco, and the boys ordered brats.  The tacos were delicious. . .pureed sweet potato with spices, black beans, pickled red cabbage, and a sauce on top.  Perfect healthy summer lunch.

 I had a bite of Jack's brat and it was very flavorful.  He ate the whole thing.

The best part--the ladies gave us an order of mini donuts and a t-shirt for Jack!

  Even Mayor R.T. Rybak was there. . .he sat right next to me:) 

If you want an economical lunch downtown, that offers fresh ingredients with a smile,  Chef Shack is your place.  Can't go wrong with anything coming off this cart!