Sunday, June 6, 2010

Casa Mono, NYC

I just got back from a weekend trip to see my girlfriends in NYC, and of course, NYC is the mecca of international cuisine. We were fortunate to get reservations at Casa Mono,, a Spanish Tapas Bar, owned by Mario Batali. The restaurant is a cozy, intimate restaurant. The food was incredible. We started out with bread and olives. Here's what we shared: Special Cheese Plate with Asparagus and Artichoke; Pumpkin and Goat Cheese Croquetas; Soft Shell Crab with Gazpacho Vinaiagrette; Mussels with Cave and Chorizo; Rabbit and Articuchos with Habaneras Cuajada; and Skirt Steak with Onion Marmalade. The rabbit was the shining star at our table. We also shared the Torta de Chocolate with Apricots for dessert-girl can never go wring with chocolate. Due to the intimate setting, I didn't feel comfortable flashing my camera and didn't get any photos of our dishes. Unfortunately, our sevice did not live up to the food. Our waiter was nonchalant, seemed to be almost annoyed at having to wait on our table. The clincher was when are bill came, and we let him know that he had forgotten to charge us for the $72 dollar bottle of wine. He grabbed the bill and came back shortly with the revised bill--not once did he thank us for our patronage, honesty, etc. Maybe just an off night, but I was expecting more from a restaurant at this level.